About us

Our company

The idea started by supplying plushy goodness to people who love memes.

The undertaking is based in Switzerland. We create plush toys from iconic car designs, redesign them to be soft and plushy, have them produced, test them properly and then sell them to fans around the world.

  • Top quality products
  • Chill guys who are really cool
  • The toys aren't harmful in any way
  • Something something green tick

Our team


This could have been our factory.

But it actually isn't, it's a sample picture provided by the store software. The picture is pretty nice though, so I'll leave it here for now. We're operating from a basement at the moment.

Product Safety

safety testing

Safety is really important.

Our products are actually tested according to Swiss and EU toy safety standards.


This is magical.

Anonymous 01/06/17(Fri) 14:58:57 No.16440348

My sides, I literally cannot wait to throw my money at you.

Anonymous 01/06/17(Fri)17:26:10 No.16440944


memes are real life

Anonymous 01/06/17(Fri)23:22:20 No.16442562

I am so hyped about putting this thing on the dashboard of my real Twingo

Anonymous 01/06/17(Fri)20:19:59 No.16441720

They are really big, and nice. Something like Emily Bloom tits.

SK 01/06/17(Fri) 14:55:20 No.16440334